1. A Giant Coordination Cage based on Sulfonylcalix[4]arenes

    Du ShangChao; Hu Chunhua; Xiao Ji-Chang; Tan Huaqiao; Liao WuPing

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS   卷: 48   期: 73   页: 9177-9179    出版年: JUN 2012

   [Full Paper in PDF]  (0k)    IF: 6.169

2. Calixarene-supported hexadysprosium cluster showing single molecule magnet behavior

    Bi YanFeng; Xu GuanCheng; Liao WuPing; Du ShangChao; Deng RuiPing; Wang BingWu

    SCIENCE CHINA-CHEMISTRY  卷: 55   期: 6   页: 967-972    出版年: JUN 2012

   [Full Paper in PDF]  (981k)    IF: 1.020

3. Applications of the binary mixture of sec-octylphenoxyacetic acid and 8-hydroxyquinoline to the extraction of rare earth elements

    Tian Miaomiao; Song Naizhong; Wang Dingding; Quan, Xinjun; Jia, Qiong; Liao, Wuping; Lin, Li

    HYDROMETALLURGY  卷: 111   页: 109-113   出版年: JAN 2012

    [Full Paper in PDF] (232k)    IF: 2.027

4. Calixarene-Based Nanoscale Coordination Cages

    Liu, Mei; Liao, Wuping; Hu, Chunhua; Du, Shangchao; Zhang, Hongjie

   ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION  卷: 51   期: 7   页: 1585-1588   出版年: 2012

    [Full Paper in PDF] (627k)    IF: 13.455


1. A solvent extraction process with mixture of CA12 and Cyanex272 for the preparation of high purity yttrium   oxide from rare earth ores

   Wang Yanliang; Liao Wuping; Li Deqian

   SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY  卷: 82   页: 197-201   出版年: OCT 27 2011

  [Full Paper in PDF] (522k)    IF: 2.921

2. Preparation of CdS microtrumpets from a solvent extraction system by a two-phase approach

   Geng Aifang; Liu Yubing; Liao Wuping

   MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN  卷: 46   期: 10   页: 1698-1702   出版年: OCT 2011

    [Full Paper in PDF] (884k)    IF: 2.105

3. Solvent-directing Supramolecular Assemblies of Mn-4 -thiacalix[4] arene

    Bi YanFeng; Liao Wu-Ping

    CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE  卷: 32   期: 9   页: 2175-2180   出版年: SEP

    10 2011

    [Full Paper in PDF] (295k)    IF: 0.619

4. An extraction study of gallium, indium, and zinc with mixtures of sec-octylphenoxyacetic acid and primary amine N1923

   Ma Huihui; Lei Yin; Jia Qiong; Liao Wuping; Lin Li

   SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY  卷: 80   期: 2   页: 351-355 出版年: JUL 29 2011

   [Full Paper in PDF] (315k)    IF: 2.921

5. Synergistic extraction and separation study of rare earth elements from nitrate medium by mixtures of sec-nonylphenoxy acetic acid and 2,2 '-bipyridyl

   Fan Shujuan; Tian Miaomiao; Song Naizhong; Jia Qiong; Liao Wuping



   [Full Paper in PDF] (113k)    IF: 2.168

6. Solvent Extraction Studies of Zinc(II) and Cadmium(II) from a Chloride Medium with Mixtures of Neutral Organophosphorus Extractants and Amine Extractants

    Tian Miaomiao; Mu Fengtian; Jia Qiong; Quan Xinjun; Liao Wuping

    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA  卷: 56   期: 5   页: 2225-2229   出版年: MAY 2011

   [Full Paper in PDF] (699k)    IF: 1.693

7. p-tert-Butylthiacalix[4]arene-supported high-nuclearity {Co24M8} (M = Mo or W) nanospheres and the hybrids with Keggin polyoxometalates

    Bi Yanfeng; Du Shangchao; Liao Wuping

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS  卷: 47   期: 16   页: 4724-4726   出版年: 2011

    [Full Paper in PDF] (1646k)    IF: 6.169

8. Mn-4-hinged bithiacalix[4]arenes accommodating fullerenes

    Bi Yanfeng; Liao Wuping; Wang Xiaofei; Wang Xinwu; Zhang Hongjie

    DALTON TRANSACTIONS  卷: 40   期: 9   页: 1849-1851   出版年: 2011

    [Full Paper in PDF] (517k)    IF: 3.838

9. 两相热法处理Cyanex 301-Ag~+/Cu~(2+)萃取体系制备纳米Ag_2S和微米CuS材料

    孙霞; 刘玉炳; 李艳玲; 廖伍平

   应用化学  出版日期:2011  期号:第6期  页码:683-688  

    [Full Paper in PDF] (1294k)    IF: 0.524


1. Synergistic extraction study of indium from chloride medium by mixtures of sec-nonylphenoxy acetic acid and  trialkyl amine

    Fan Shujuan; Jia Qiong; Song Naizhong; Su Riyan; Liao Wuping

    SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY  卷: 75   期: 1   页: 76-80  出版年: SEP 24 2010

    [Full Paper in PDF] (517k)    IF: 2.921

2. Three p-tert-Butylthiacalix[4]arene-Supported Cobalt Compounds Obtained in One Pot Involving In Situ Formation of N6H2 Ligand

  Bi Yanfeng; Liao Wuping; Xu Guancheng; Deng Ruiping; Wang Meiyan; Wu Zhijian; Gao Song; Zhang Hongjie

  INORGANIC CHEMISTRY  卷: 49   期: 17   页: 7735-7740   出版年: SEP 6 2010

  [Full Paper in PDF] (899k)    IF: 4.601

3. Extraction of rare earths using mixtures of sec-octylphenoxy acetic acid and organophosphorus acids

   Song Naizhong; Zhao Xiaowei; Jia Qiong; Zhou Weihong; Liao Wuping

    KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING  卷: 27   期: 4   页: 1258-1261   出版年: JUL 2010

     [Full Paper in PDF] (249k)    IF: 0.991

4.  Solvent extraction studies of Sm(III) from nitrate medium and separation factors of rare earth elements with mixtures of sec-octylphenoxyacetic acid and 1,10-phenthroline

     Fan Shujuan; Song Naizhong; Jia Qiong; Liao Wuping 

                  JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY  卷: 85   期: 6   页: 793-797   出版年: 

              JUN    2010

    [Full Paper in PDF] (249k)    IF: 0.991

5. Cloud point extraction and separation of copper and lanthanoids using Triton X-100 with water-soluble p-sulfonatocalix[4]arene as a chelating agent

   Wei Yancun; Li Yanling; Quan Xinjun; Liao Wuping

  MICROCHIMICA ACTA  卷: 169   期: 3-4   页: 297-301   出版年: JUN 2010

  [Full Paper in PDF] (299k)    IF: 3.033

6. Two lanthanide(III)/phenanthroline/p-sulfonatocalix[4]arene supramolecular compounds with 1D 'molecular capsule' chains

   Wang Xinwu; Xiong Ying; Liao Wuping

   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE  卷: 967   期: 1-3   页: 20-24   出版年: APR 1 2010

   [Full Paper in PDF] (1465k)    IF: 1.634

7. Studies on the synergistic extraction of rare earths from nitrate medium with mixtures of sec-nonylphenoxy acetic acid and 1,10-phenanthroline

    Fan Shujuan; Zhao Xiaowei; Song Naizhong; Shi, Yunfeng; Jia, Qiong; Liao Wuping

   SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY  卷: 71   期: 2   页: 241-245  出版年: FEB 18 2010

    [Full Paper in PDF] (457k)    IF: 2.921

8. Making a [Co-24] metallamacrocycle from the shuttlecock-like tetranuclear cobalt-calixarene building blocks

   Bi Yanfeng; Xu Guancheng; Liao Wuping; Du, Shangchao; Wang, Xinwu; Deng, Ruiping; Zhang, Hongjie; Gao, Song

  CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS  卷: 46   期: 34   页: 6362-6364   出版年: 2010

  [Full Paper in PDF] (1103k)    IF: 6.169  


1. Thiacalix[4]arene-Supported Planar Ln(4) (Ln = Tb-III, Dy-III) Clusters: Toward Luminescent and Magnetic Bifunctional Materials

     Bi Yanfeng; Wang Xiu-Teng; Liao Wuping; Wang Xinwu; Deng Ruiping; Zhang Hongjie; Gao Song

     INORGANIC CHEMISTRY  卷: 48   期: 24   页: 11743-11747   出版年: DEC 21 2009

     [Full Paper in PDF] (784k)    IF: 4.601

2. Assembly of Seven Supramolecular Compounds with p-Sulfonatocalix[6]arene

    Liu Yabing; Liao Wuping; Bi Yanfeng; Wang Xiaofei; Zhang Hongjie

    CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN  卷: 9   期: 12   页: 5311-5318   出版年: DEC 2009

    [Full Paper in PDF] (1089k)    IF: 4.720 

3. Solvent extraction study of rare earth elements from chloride medium by mixtures of sec-nonylphenoxy acetic acid with Cyanex301 or Cyanex302

    Tong Shanshan; Zhao Xiaowei; Song Naizhong; Jia Qiong; Zhou Weihong; Liao Wuping

    HYDROMETALLURGY  卷: 100   期: 1-2   页: 15-19   出版年: DEC 2009

    [Full Paper in PDF] (251k)    IF: 2.027  

4. Extraction and separation of rare earths from chloride medium with mixtures of 2-ethylhexylphosphonic acid mono-(2-ethylhexyl) ester and sec-nonylphenoxy acetic acid

     Song Naizhong; Tong Shanshan; Liu Wei; Jia Qiong; Zhou Weihong; Liao Wuping

    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY  卷: 84   期: 12   页: 1798-1802  出版年: DEC 2009

     [Full Paper in PDF] (99k)    IF: 2.168  

5.  A ternary supramolecular compound of p-sulfonatocalix[8]arene with 1D channels

     He Wenwei; Bi Yanfeng; Liao Wuping; Li Deqian

     JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE  卷: 937   期: 1-3   页: 95-99  出版年: NOV 26 2009

      [Full Paper in PDF] (892k)    IF: 1.634

6. Solvent Extraction of Rare Earths with Mixtures of Di-(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid and sec-Nonylphenoxy Acetic Acid

      Song Nai-Zhong; Liao Wu-Ping; Tong Shan-Shan; Jia Qiong; Liu Wei; Shi Yun-Feng

    CHINESE JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY  卷: 37   期: 11   页: 1633-1637   出版年: NOV 2009 

     [Full Paper in PDF] (1410k)    IF: 0.941

7. Self-Assembly from Two-Dimensional Layered Networks to Tetranuclear Structures: Syntheses, Structures, and Properties of Four Copper-Thiacalix[4]arene Compounds

   Bi Yanfeng; Liao Wuping; Wang Xinwu; Deng Ruiping; Zhang Hongjie

   EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY  期: 33   页: 4989-4994   出版年: NOV 2009

    [Full Paper in PDF] (633k)    IF: 3.049

8. Solvent extraction of rare earths from chloride medium with mixtures of 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-benzoyl-pyrazalone-5 and sec-octylphenoxyacetic acid

   Tong Shanshan; Song Naizhong; Jia Qiong; Zhou, Weihong; Liao, Wuping

   SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY  卷: 69   期: 1   页: 97-101   出版年: SEP 15 2009

   [Full Paper in PDF] (399k)    IF: 2.921

9. A {Co-32} Nanosphere Supported by p-tert-Butylthiacalix[4]arene

    Bi Yanfeng; Wang Xiu-Teng; Liao Wuping; Wang Xiaofei; Wang Xinwu; Zhang Hongjie; Gao, Song

               JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY  卷: 131   期: 33   页: 11650-+   出版年: AUG 26 2009

   [Full Paper in PDF] (142k)    IF: 9.907

10. A copper/p-sulfonatocalix[6]arene/phenanthroline supramolecular compound with 1D [Cu-2-calixarene](n) coordination chains

    Liu Yabing; Bi Yanfeng; He Wenwei; Wang Xiaofei; Liao Wuping; Zhang Hongjie

   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE  卷: 919   期: 1-3   页: 235-238   出版年: FEB 17 2009

    [Full Paper in PDF] (1508k)    IF: 1.634

 11. Macroscopic single-crystal tubes assembled with porous supramolecular architecture of water-soluble calixarene and phenanthroline

     Liao Wuping; Li Yanling; Wang Xiaofei; Bi Yanfeng; Su Zhongmin; Zhang Hongjie

     CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS  期: 14   页: 1861-1863   出版年: 2009

     [Full Paper in PDF] (855k)    IF: 6.169

12. Five supramolecular compounds of water-soluble sulfonylcalix[4]arenetetrasulfonate showing two calixarene conformations

      Bi Yun Feng.; Liao Wu Ping; Wang X. F; Li, Y. L; Su, Z. M; Liu, Y. B; Zhang, H. J; Li, D. Q

     CRYSTENGCOMM  卷: 11   期: 4   页: 597-604   出版年: 2009

      [Full Paper in PDF] (3554k)    IF: 3.842

13. Assembly of 'discrete' (H2O)(16) water clusters within a supramolecular compound of calixarene

      Bi Yanfeng; Liao Wuping; Zhang Hongjie; Li Deqian

      CRYSTENGCOMM  卷: 11   期: 7   页: 1213-1216  出版年: 2009

     [Full Paper in PDF] (2889k)    IF: 3.842

14. 1,2,3,4-Alternate double cone conformational extreme in the supramolecular assemblies of p-sulfonatocalix[8]arene

    Liu Yabing; Liao Wuping; Bi Yanfeng; Wang Meiyan; Wu Zhijian; Wang Xiaofei; Su Zhongmin; Zhang, Hongjie

  CRYSTENGCOMM  卷: 11   期: 9   页: 1803-1806   DOI: 10.1039/b905407n   出版年: 2009

   [Full Paper in PDF] (1030k)    IF: 3.842

15. 3D metal-organic frameworks incorporating water-soluble tetra-p-sulfonatocalix[4]arene

     Liao Wuping; Liu Ce; Wang Xiaofei; Zhu Guangshan; Zhao Xiaojun; Zhang Hongjie

     CRYSTENGCOMM  卷: 11   期: 11   页: 2282-2284   出版年: 2009

     [Full Paper in PDF] (860k)    IF: 3.842

16. Two Mn(2)(II)Ln(4)(III) (Ln = Gd, Eu) hexanuclear compounds of p-tert-butylsulfinylcalix[4]arene

      Bi Yanfeng; Wang Xiuteng; Wang Bingwu; Liao Wuping; Wang Xiaofei; Zhang Hongjie; Gao Song; Li Deqian

      DALTON TRANSACTIONS  期: 12   页: 2250-2254   出版年: 2009

      [Full Paper in PDF] (274k)    IF: 3.838

17. 二-(2-乙基己基)磷酸P204与三烷基叔胺N235协同萃取钼

     孙盈; 李艳玲; 权新军; 廖伍平

     应用化学2009, 26(11), 1353-1356

    [Full Paper in PDF] (341k)    IF: 0.524